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Foreign Language Video & Film Services

Accuworld offers a variety of multimedia solutions for your business. These services include:

  • Foreign language narration / voice-over
  • Script translating & editing
  • Video transcription from/into English
  • Cutting-edge production capabilities
  • Foreign language subtitling and chyron generation
  • International standards conversion

Accuworld’s State-of-the-Art Production techniques include:

Translating the script prior to the recording session to impart the correct tone and mood of the original.

Timing and editing to the source script to prevent costly production overruns.

Maintaining original production values to guarantee that your target language video will be as effective as the original version.

Replacing on-screen and off-screen dialogue utilizing a tight sync-to-picture replacement technique to match the exiting video track.

Bilingual Productions Assistants are available to identify mispronunciations and to ensure that the appropriate inflection and character are carried over from your existing video. They work with your production engineers to create a flawless final product.