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Candidate Assessment

The most important process in the international relocation of an employee is an evaluation of a potential relocating person's aptitude for intercultural adaptation and language acquisition. To assess intercultural and linguistic success, Accuworld provides assessment programs for candidates and accompanying partners. We help employees realistically evaluate the employee demands and expectations of the assignment and decide if they are prepared and willing to undertake what is ahead. In addition, Accuworld aids the company in assessing a candidate's chances of performing effectively in a new environment and successfully completing an international assignment. In the assessment stage, information is gathered from three behavioral instruments that the participants complete and return for review. An in-depth interview, conducted by experienced professionals in the clinical psychology or organizational development fields contextual information (family, health, special needs) is gathered. Finally, an interview that assesses language aptitude takes place. This knowledge enables Accuworld to further understand a participant and his/her motivations and abilities. These results are reported to the appropriate person at the contracting company.

Accuworld's Candidate Selection and Assessment program can accomplish the following goals:

  • Help the company choose the candidate with the best chance for successfully completing an international assignment;
  • Allow a candidate and accompanying family members to assess their readiness for an international assignment for a particular location;
  • Integrate selection with a customized pre-departure/intercultural and language program;
  • Function as part of an international career planning and development strategy so that the company can develop a standing pool of potential expatriates.