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Cross-Cultural Training

Successful business relationships depend on anticipating and allowing for cultural differences these preparations are never more important than in the international arena. Accuworld prepares professionals to meet these opportunities and maximize their time and efforts abroad.

Our intercultural programs will take you beyond the Do's and Taboos to examine the assumptions that drive the culture. We explore not only the way a culture looks and acts, but why it looks and acts that way. All of our programs emphasize relationships and relationship building.

Each program is customized to reflect your special circumstances. You will be encouraged to examine your own culture, the target culture, and the possibilities available when the two interact. You will then apply your new cross-cultural insights in problem-solving strategy sessions.

The types of programs and level of customization available are unlimited. Most programs fall into one of three broad categories: the business and social behaviors of people in the target culture, relocation to another country and developing specific skills for intercultural business. These categories encompass the following training services:

  • Foreign Country/US Briefings provide background on history, language and culture, as well as "Do's and Taboos" for avoiding cross-cultural misunderstandings.
  • Executive and Family Relocation Training equips participants with the knowledge, skills and awareness necessary for successful adaptation to living and working abroad.
  • Executive and Family Reentry Programs facilitate the cultural adjustment process for Americans returning from abroad.
  • International Negotiation Seminars enable participants to negotiate successfully with international counterparts.
  • International Consulting Services help organizations to assess and resolve specific intercultural challenges, such as cross-cultural team building, international joint-venture relations and technology transfer.

Accuworld’s programs can be presented at any location you choose, almost anywhere in the world! Our client-centered approach and comprehensive capabilities are only two reasons why so many prestigious organizations choose Accuworld for all of their international communication needs.